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Welcome to the Discipline Mathematics and Computer Science Education

We are part of the University of KwaZulu-Natal. We are made up of two main disciplines namely, Mathematics Education, and Computer Science Education. We offer over 20 modules per semester in Initial Teacher Education, and Postgraduate programmes. We have 12 permanent staff and two research associates. Although we form a small cluster, we are proud of the quality of our teaching and the impact of our research.  As the MCSE cluster, we are excited about the programmes that we offer as part of our mission to  develop the next generation of excellent mathematics and computer science teachers. 


As part of the College of Humanities at UKZN, the Mathematics and Computer Science Education Cluster is committed to developing the university as a premier institution of African scholarship. Thus our strategic vision and mission emphasises the intellectual, educational and cultural development of the region and globally in its concerns around Mathematics and Computer Science Education. The staff is committed to democratic values and social justice, and to responding to the development challenges of in Mathematics and Computer Science education in South Africa.

In general, research interests of staff include:

  • The development of pedagogical content knowledge in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Use of technology in teaching and learning
  • Visual learning in Mathematics
  • Integration of HIV&AIDS education in higher education curricula
  • Self-study methodology
  • Developing language of description for mathematics teaching and mathematics teacher education across contexts
  • Affective issues in learning mathematics
  • Use of mathematics in other subject areas
  • Classroom practice in teaching Mathematics
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Integrating Indigenous Knowledge within Mathematics Education
  • Rural community development
  • Language in mathematics education
  • Postgraduate education research; and
  • Teacher professional development.

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